0.90 Changelog

This document is a work in progress

  1. Resolved several issues/inconsistencies when creating torrents using the TorrentCreator.
  2. TorrentCreator now correctly includes MD5s for individual files.
  3. Added the ability to rename files when the torrent is being created
  4. Added the ability to selectively filter files when creating a torrent
  5. PieceLength is automatically set to the 'optimal' value if one is not explicitly set
  6. Added some fast paths when reading data from files to speed up common cases and slightly reduce memory usage
  7. Disable double buffering when reading/writing files
  8. Enhanced .torrent file parsing after I discovered an issue with BinaryReader.PeekChar (). Parsing from a FileStream is now more than 5x faster.
  9. Refactored how pieces are hashed and increased the speed in which files are hashed. The speed boost is roughly proportional to the number of files in a torrent and the piece size. The larger they are, the greater the perfomance boost.