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Why is Smuxi not joining any channels when using psyBNC?

Added by Bianca Mix 5078 days ago.

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When using the bouncer psyBNC, smuxi is connecting but not joining any channels. This is caused by psyBNC only supporting the obsolete IRC RFC1459 instead of RFC2812. Smuxi uses the SmartIrc4net library to implement the IRC functionality and it only supports RFC2812. The difference between the 2 RFCs regarding this issue is that RFC1459 doesn't specify the RPL_WELCOME confirmation upon successful login, thus SmartIrc4net believes it doesn't pass the login stage. I don't have plans to implement this obsolete RFC and thus Smuxi doesn't support psyBNC as long as psyBNC doesn't support RFC2812. (this issue is tracked in TRAC ticket #143)