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How to compile Smuxi

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Compiling from source is a very simple process once you have the requirements in place. Smuxi compiles much like any traditional Unix application. In case you need a bit more help, here are the instructions on how to compile:

First navigate to the directory to which you have downloaded Smuxi's tarball source to. For instance, if the source is in your home directory you could try the following:

cd ~

Untar the the tarball to extract the source
tar xvfz smuxi-*.tar.gz

Navigate to the extracted directory

cd smuxi-*

Now run ./configure, make and make install to compile the application from source. If you would like to look at the available options for ./configure please take a look at the next section before continuing.

make install OR sudo make install

A permission denied error may be thrown on the make install command because this tries to write to the /usr/local directory when installing. This directory is typically protected by default on most distributions and will need root access in order to install. To solve this you'll simply have to run the command with root privileges. The easiest way this can be done is with the "sudo" command available on most versions of Linux as shown above. Alternatively you can use the "su" command to log into an user with root privileges.

If all goes to plan, you should have a fully compiled version of Smuxi installed to /usr/local/bin.

Congratulations! :)

You should be able to run Smuxi now with the 'smuxi' command from the terminal. Smuxi-server can be started with the 'smuxi-server' command.