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02:27 PM Smuxi Bug #1019: Smuxi not detecting being GHOSTed by irc server
Being GHOSTed by the irc server via NickServ, smuxi does not detect this but keeps waiting for a ping reply before reconnecting to the server. Also the ghost message is not displayed in any tab, the first displayed message is displayed when the la...


07:14 PM Smuxi Feature #478: Make IRC nickname more visible
Another idea might be to display the current nick in the status bar at the bottem next to the joined network or in the window title.


12:50 AM Smuxi Bug #311: /join suddenly stops working
after closing a tab by klicking it with the middle mouse button (which probably was not the trigger), i could not /join any channel on all ircnets i was connected to. /reconnect did not help to fix the problem, only closing the server tab with all...


08:26 PM Smuxi Feature #300: mirror notice on active tab
It would be a nice feature to mirror a notice in the currently opened tab in the frontend, if that belongs to the same server. Should be configurable, though. <Salz> hm, it would be a nice feature though to mirror the notice in the current open...


08:38 PM Smuxi Feature #248: stray SSH tunnel checker
You could set ServerAliveCountMax to a low value (1 or 2) and the interval to the number of seconds.
09:16 AM Smuxi Feature #248: stray SSH tunnel checker
This can be automated by ssh using KeepAlive messages, which are part of the ssh protocol, by setting ServerAliveInterval and ServerAliveContMax as aggressive as neccessary.

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