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01:45 AM Smuxi Revision ba4c952d49a5016f6b0df1fdebfbf66aa11f9682: [Engine-IRC] Fixed /mode not always printing t...
[Engine-IRC] Fixed /mode not always printing the full mode list
01:45 AM Smuxi Revision e3153538715e529e52b1d7d4751e27158e9ae25e: [Engine-IRC] Fixed /mode printing for unjoined...
[Engine-IRC] Fixed /mode printing for unjoined channels


09:01 PM Smuxi Bug #804: Can't use /join to rejoin a channel you were kicked from
If you've been kicked from a channel: * in the window of the channel, /join #channel does nothing * in another window, /join #channel tells you how to use /window * /cycle and /rejoin both work properly For ease of testing this bug, remember...


05:21 PM Smuxi Bug #802: SSL IRC connections usually only work on the first try (local engine)
I can connect to morgan.freenode.net:6697 SSL once, but if I disconnect and reconnect I get this: 09:52 -!- Connecting to morgan.freenode.net port 6697... 09:52 -!- Connection failed! Reason: Could not connect to: morgan.freenode.net:6697 The ...


08:17 PM Smuxi Feature #788: Smuxi should save the increased send delay setting between engine restarts
Because the send delay setting is lost on restarts, users are not properly protected from Excess Flood disconnects, making #787 even worse. ...
08:07 PM Smuxi Bug #787: Smuxi needlessly sends a WHO command for each user that joins a channel
These automatic WHO requests are also the cause of Excess Flood disconnects that occur after netsplits due to the massive amount of joins seen on channels when the netsplit ends. See #308


11:49 PM Smuxi Feature #28: support mIRC colors in topic
I've created Issue #645 to address this problem in topic changes specifically.
11:46 PM Smuxi Bug #645: support mIRC color codes in topic changes
Color codes in a topic change are being printed as raw characters.
08:35 PM Smuxi Feature #28: support mIRC colors in topic
Although coloring is now working in the topic textbox, the topic change messages in the channel textbox still don't parse the color codes. version: smuxi-snapshot-20111111_2059-win32-setup.exe

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