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11:03 PM Smuxi Feature #520: Map more keys to jump to windows
I currently have 41 windows open. In irssi these are mapped to alt-[1,m] and alt-shift-[1,m]. It would be cool if Smuxi handled this many in the same way too.
11:02 PM Smuxi Feature #519: Show keybindings when holding alt
Like MS office 2007, smuxi could show keybindings when pressing alt. This would be most useful when using alt+letters/numbers to jump to specific windows.


07:01 PM Smuxi Feature #494: Notices shouldn't open a query
It's not wanted for me, my tab bar space is precious... what's the rationale behind them not just triggering the hilight?
02:10 PM Smuxi Feature #496: Support creating new servers with connect
It took me several minutes to figure out that I had to add servers before using /connect on them. irssi's /connect looks like this: CONNECT [-4 | -6] [-ssl] [-ssl_cert <cert>] [-ssl_pkey <pkey>] [-ssl_verify] [-ssl_...
02:08 PM Smuxi Feature #495: No /help text for individual commands
Typing /help commandname just produces the generic /help list. It should show more detailed help for each command.
02:05 PM Smuxi Feature #494: Notices shouldn't open a query
A lot of channels have bots which send a /notice on join. It would be great if those didn't open a query.
02:05 PM Smuxi Feature #493: Closing server tabs without killing connection
Server tabs are clutter IMO, please allow those to be closed without killing the connection. Allowing them to be hidden by default would be even better.


02:35 PM Smuxi Feature #475: Seamless upgrading of smuxi-server
That doesn't matter as the process runs as the user. You can upgrade the binary through the distribution without affecting running programs, of course. The next time it's launched it will be the new version (quitting and relaunching). This feature...
09:21 AM Smuxi Feature #475: Seamless upgrading of smuxi-server
irssi has /upgrade for in-place upgrading. It would be cool if smuxi had this too! It would be *even cooler* if I could in-place upgrade the server without losing my connections. Imagine that?!


08:33 PM Smuxi Bug #473: Close into messaging indicator
I'd like it if Smuxi closed into the messaging menu when I press the close button. Currently it just quits.

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