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11:48 PM Smuxi Bug #531: Install application icon in correct places
Mirco Bauer wrote: > Ok, we now have scaled PNG images. I am not sure if these > PNGs are pixel-perfect, if they aren't and someone can do so To achieve pixel-perfection you need one SVG per target size because only this way you can make sur...


06:47 AM Smuxi Feature #535: Does not remember state of "Show Menubar"
Turn "Show Menubar" off, restart, menu bar is back.


05:17 PM Smuxi Bug #533: Crash at startup (notification related)
I get the following crash on startup even with notification stuff DISABLED. If I recompile without notify, everything works fine. Inner-Exception Type: System.ArgumentNullException Inner-Exception Message: Argument cannot be null. Paramet...
07:04 AM Smuxi Bug #531: Install application icon in correct places
Mirco Bauer wrote: > I didn't know this, thanks for this information! Some "official" information on this can be found hereĀ¹. Hopefully this will soon make its way into the HIG. Be aware that this guide is already a bit outdated (it does not l...


07:36 PM Smuxi Bug #531: Install application icon in correct places
Right now the application icon referenced in the .desktop file is $PREFIX/share/pixmaps/smuxi-frontend-gnome.svg which is a 48x48 scalable vector. GNOME (and most other DEs) ask for the application icon to be available in the following sizes: ...
07:28 PM Smuxi Bug #508: Issues in desktop file
In addition to the mentioned issues, there are some more things to fix for GNOME 2.32 and GNOME 3 compatibility: Name=Smuxi -IRC Client- -GenericName=IRC Chat- New key: X-GNOME-FullName=Smuxi IRC Client The "X-GNOME-FullName" holds "Nam...


04:05 PM Smuxi Feature #528: Ignore command in context menu
It would be nice to have a "Ignore" command in the user context menu to ignore this user. Seems like this can be done by filters, but they are not easy to set up. The ignore command could just create the filter.
04:02 PM Smuxi Feature #526: Always how fullscreen toggle menu item in context menu
Right now, the fullscreen item only appears in the context menu if the menu is hidden. It should also be show if the menu is visible for those how want to turn the menu off quickly. Showing the check item only to unhide is a bit confusing.
03:59 PM Smuxi Feature #525: Option to only show topic on join and change
Right now the topic line always takes away precious pixels. It would be nicer it there was at least the option to not show the topic box and instead only show the topic inside the chat when joining and on change. Maybe even make this the defaul...
03:56 PM Smuxi Feature #524: Option to hide status bar
The view menu should have the option to hide the status bar.

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