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01:08 PM Smuxi Bug #1089: Smuxi hangs at exit
1. File -> Quit 2. Smuxi hangs


11:38 AM Smuxi Bug #1086: I am unable to register room (chat) on XMPP server
/help command outputs help on commands for connecting, and doesn't output commands to control rooms and participants...


05:11 PM Smuxi Feature #756: sleep command
It's not obvious from this issue description, but /sleep command have a parameter - delay in milliseconds https://smuxi.im/repositories/entry/smuxi/src/Engine-IRC/Protocols/Irc/IrcProtocolManager.cs?rev=c250a7bd759a84f8850b3a1191ce8acd6f3a9bd4#L846


07:28 AM Smuxi Bug #1077: Exception when reconnecting to freenode on secured connection
1) go settings of server 2) check "Use Encryption" 3) int the tree on server right click to call context menu, and choose "Reconnect" Exception Type: System.InvalidOperationException Exception Message: This operation is invalid until it ...


12:50 AM Smuxi Feature #1068: Beagle search integration
There is an application - Beagle Search ( https://github.com/GNOME/beagle ), which provides rich UI for searching with NLucene. The idea is to provide integration with smuxi, to allow search words/lines, and show them in smuxi interface after c...


06:36 PM Smuxi Bug #1055: Toggling main menu
Main menu is toggled from context menu on chat. It's inconvinient. CommandBar should have it's own context menu, which allows to show main menu


03:02 PM Smuxi Feature #1047: Per channel encoding support
One need to implement channel encoding support into SmartIrc4net. Application will set the encoding, and library will return a properly decoded string.
02:52 PM Smuxi Feature #1047: Per channel encoding support
it is not necessary to expose message as byte[]. One just need to pass encoding into library, and library should do conversion inside (if library have no way to set encoding, it should be reworked)
02:49 PM Smuxi Bug #1049: Encoding error when receiving messages
Scenario: 1) I chat with other people and we can read each other messages 2) my peer sends some long message, and i can't read that long message 3) if peer send short message right after that - I can read short message without problem
02:32 PM Smuxi Feature #1047: Per channel encoding support
Encoding should be a configurable property of channel. It should derive it's value from similar property for IRC server. And server's encoding should derive it's default value from global application setting. User should be able to redefine encod...

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