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06:27 PM Smuxi Bug #959: Exception: An item with the same key has already been added.
I'm on .11 RC2-5 and got this when I hit "Reconnect" on an IRC server node. ...


05:37 PM Smuxi Feature #955: Additional Message Patterns
I'm using (?i) in all of these to turn on case-insensitive matching (just FYI) Microsoft KB urls: MessagePatterns/0/MessagePartPattern = (?i)\bKB\s*(\d+) MessagePatterns/0/MessagePartType = url MessagePatterns/0/LinkFormat = http://support...


08:51 PM Smuxi Bug #883: Keyboard Input on OS-X is crippled
I can't navigate using left/right arrow keys (it goes all the way to the left/right), I also can't use Cmd+X/Cmd+C/Cmd+V to cut/copy/paste, but had to use the right-click menu instead. Terribly frustrating ... affects 0.9 and latest 0.10

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