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08:41 PM Smuxi Bug #704: unable to connect to gtalk
Windows 7 64bit Frontend: GNOME (dist-win32) Engine: I reported it for, but its in aswell


08:00 PM Smuxi Bug #711: 58 Users in a channel. Smuxi-Userlist shows only 15!
if i do /names it shows me all 58 users correctly. After rejoin, list was up to date


04:10 PM Smuxi Bug #710: Exception: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
Just started smuxi and it crashed. It was in the background while starting. ...


02:55 PM Smuxi Feature #7: Middle click to close tabs
Request: An internal setting to active the removed behaivor despite the violation of gnome rules.
02:14 PM Smuxi Feature #707: font size adjustable by CTRL+ScrollWheel
Like its done by browsers :) Would be awsome.
01:09 PM Smuxi Bug #704: unable to connect to gtalk
i added my gtalk credtials like in your offical screencast. when first trying to connect i got the following error in the new jabber tab: 15:05 -!- Fehler: Von der Übertragungsverbindung können keine Daten gelesen werden: Ein nicht blockierende...

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