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11:29 AM Smuxi Feature #609: Tab stacking
Managing a large number of tabs in a traditional fashion can easily get unorganized - a solution to this could be implement a tab stacking feature (see Opera 11 for an example of how this can be successfully implemented: http://is.gd/DKgwtN). Usin...


04:27 PM Smuxi Bug #570: Configured tab colors are shown too dark
When manually setting tab colors, the actual colors differ from what has been set. See the attached screenshot for an example - the colors are much darker than what has been set.


04:50 PM Smuxi Bug #559: Right-click menu of nicklist and tabs might float outside the screen
When having the nicklist or the tab window at the right side of the window, right-clicking too close to the edge of the screen causes the context menu to float outside it.


03:31 PM Smuxi Feature #503: Enable confirmation of quitting Smuxi
Add a feature to confirm quitting Smuxi through a dialog when trying to close it, so that it won't be accidentally shut down.


10:21 PM Smuxi Feature #436: Add a feature to show/hide the menubar
Make Smuxi able to show and hide the menu bar to save screen space on smaller monitors - in the same way it's done in gnome-terminal.


10:12 PM Smuxi Feature #419: Add an option to make your own nick bold/italic/underlined
Currently, it can be hard to spot your own nick among all others in large channels when other users have the same color as you. An option to make your own nick (only the nick, not the message) bold/italic/underlined would help separate it from the...
06:46 PM Smuxi Feature #418: Make the titles of highlighted channels differ more
Right now, when there are new messages in a channel, or when someone highlights you, the channel title changes color accordingly - an option to also make the channel title bold would make this easier to spot.
06:41 PM Smuxi Feature #417: Add option to change line spacing
When using some fonts for the text, the linespacing might get either very, very small, or the exact opposite. Therefore an option to change it as you wish (but keep "follow gtk theme" as default) would be useful.
12:06 PM Smuxi Feature #416: Be able to send multiple lines at a time
To make it easier to handle larger amounts of input, Smuxi could be able to store several lines of text at a time (for instance, create a new line by pressing Ctrl-Enter), and then send them all away.

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