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h1. Documentation

You can read documentation here.
This is a wiki, so you can edit documentation too!

Here are some interesting links to start with:

* [[Using SVN]]
* [[API Reference]]
* [[Creating Torrents]] - Shows how to create a new .torrent file
* [[Managing Torrents]] - Demonstrates the basics of controlling a torrent (loading, starting, stopping, hashing)
* [[Hosting a tracker]] - Shows how to host a public or private tracker
* [[Enable DHT]] - Shows how to enable and use the DHT feature
* [[Save/Load Fast Resume]] - Shows how to save and restore the fast resume data used to avoid rehashing torrents every time the application is started
* [[Selective/Prioritised Downloading]] - Shows how to stop files from being downloaded or make some files download first/last
* [[Creating a custom PiecePicker]]
* [[Get statistics]]

* [[0.90 Changelog]]

Else you can ask a question on our forum