From 08/05/2014 to 09/03/2014


avatar 04:56 PM Revision 52e698b50a628221626bb9b83505d0bacd933d1e: Restored .NET 4.0 compatibility
Restored .NET 4.0 compatibility Mirco Bauer


avatar 11:49 AM Revision c6551dc704f25c92b07155ca80625d7ae73b85b2: Merge pull request #25 from johansson/fix-giti...
Merge pull request #25 from johansson/fix-gitignore Mirco Bauer
11:44 AM Revision ec030fe36dd76c6a9934227c024ad38204cdf293: Add bin/ and obj/ to gitignore
Add bin/ and obj/ to gitignore Will Johansson
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