Mono.Nat 1.0.2

Bugfixes and compatibility enhancements
Added by Alan McGovern 5360 days ago

This release contains some minor bugfixes and compatibility fixes. The highlights are as follows:

  • Added workaround for certain versions of miniupnpd which incorrectly advertise their available services (bug has been reported upstream)
  • Fixed some other minor issues with routers reporting incorrect services.
  • Added extra API to make it easy to log the full handshake/request process to help diagnose issues
  • Stopping and Starting discovery will rediscover all available devices correctly
  • Full support for computers with multiple network cards on multiple subnets
  • Rewrote the internals to ensure that the asynchronous API is 100% asychronous - prevents calls to BeginXXX blocking on some slower routers.

A precompiled binary and and also a tarball containing the source code from the release are both available on the Files page. As always, report any issues to the issue tracker so they can be dealt with.