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01:41 PM Smuxi Feature #913: restore old tab based chat layout (instead of the new chat list)
Both ways have problems, especially on "smaller" screens (1280x800 now is small, used to be very different a couple of years ago :-))) * tab layout has the problem of not being notified of new messages, since there just isn't enough room to sho...
01:39 PM Smuxi Bug #956: chat list width not resizable (to smaller width)
the chat list panel has a minimum width that cannot be overcome by dragging the separator. As there are no aliases for chatrooms either, the list takes too much horizontal space. Together with bug #739 this reduces the usable area for actual tex...


02:57 PM Smuxi Bug #739: Aligning long broken lines to the end of the nick is bad, will create unbalanced, unple...
Smuxi 0.8.10 breaks long lines and aligns them with the end of the nick that wrote the line. This is irritating and wastes lot of space, especially when nicks differ in length quite a bit. Also it wastes screen-estate and causes the lines to...


11:09 AM Smuxi Feature #694: Smuxi should handle URLs in brackets like <http://www.smuxi.org> (i.e. render as cl...
Currently smuxi treats <http://www.smuxi.org> as regular text, and doesn't treat it as a clickable hyperlink. This is a loss in comfort...


03:30 PM Smuxi Feature #607: Add aliases for channels/tab-labels
When joining multiple channels, the tabs don't fit on a single line on the screen anymore, and you don't see the highlight/activity notification for all channels at once, meaning you have to browse through the channels back and forth One soluti...
03:22 PM Smuxi Feature #394: Log Browser
Hopefully that log-manager will then be able to open logs also in server-mode from a remote client
03:20 PM Smuxi Feature #395: limiting the log-feature
I'd exchange a size limit for a daily or weekly rotation

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