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08:20 PM Smuxi Bug #1032: Windows installer puts icon on desktop without consent
After installing Smuxi on Windows, I have a 'Smuxi' icon on my desktop but I was not prompted during the installer to see if this is okay. Installers should respect the desktop, and at a minimum, have an option (default true) "Create desktop ic...
08:10 PM Smuxi Bug #1031: SSH Credentials screen does not explain that keyfile must be PuTTY format in Windows, ...
The SSH Credentials screen accepts a private SSH key file for authentication. It does not explain that the format must be PuTTY (.ppk) on a Windows client and OpenSSH on a Linux client. This tripped me up because I figured I could just point it...
08:04 PM Smuxi Bug #1030: Engine Assistant - SSH Credentials -- not possible to set SSH Keyfile back to null
Steps to reproduce: 1. Start setting up a remote Smuxi engine. 2. Fill in engine name, "Use SSH Tunnel" == True, an SSH hostname. 3. In "Credentials" screen, add an SSH Keyfile. 4. Try to unset the SSH Keyfile field. You can't. This appli...
07:06 PM Smuxi Bug #1029: Preferences dialog box blocks for ~2 seconds or more when opening
The preferences load/save code needs to be moved out of the GUI thread so that it is possible to cancel opening the dialog box and to ensure the GUI is responsive.

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