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10:55 PM Smuxi Feature #1026: Preserve/Bookmark log for later reading
It would be pretty cool to have a mechanism to preserver some backlog for later reading. E.g. there was a conference i missed or i want to follow up later, but before its all lost and scrolled away in the big mess of history it should be saved se...


01:39 PM Smuxi Bug #1012: no stats provided by smuxi-server
Mirco Bauer wrote: > Not sure how this works. Can you provide a working/assumed example? It this using signals and prints to stdout or so? me neither. (to be sure) But i would split the functionality between an internal "API" to query and a d...
11:38 AM Smuxi Bug #1013: key up doesnt show last written line in sftl frontend
the (arrow) key up doesn't allow to scroll through the history. Despite that some other basic libreadline funcions like strg+a or +e works fine!
11:29 AM Smuxi Bug #1012: no stats provided by smuxi-server
when running smuxi-server there is no obvious way to discover how it is currently used. something like that but also with network usage (nethogs provide this but not for user and not a single process as i could see) ...
10:52 AM Smuxi Bug #1011: Unclear information how to install only server
Neither in Download (HOW TO GET) or the FAQ page there is information what to install if i just want install certain components. A valid szenario for these would be to install on the server only the engine with its protocolls and not the frontend...
10:42 AM Smuxi Bug #1010: smuxi-engine shows no versioninfo
I installed smuxi-engine with wheezy bpo packages and wanted to verify which version is running. How to reproduce: run and see no option for version ` smuxi-server -h` Reproduce: everytime


05:28 PM Smuxi Bug #923: protocol/link/uri detection
the gnome frontend doesn't recognize valid uris. e.g. gopher:// or irc:// only(tested only this) http/https works well, when spelled correctly. would be funny to detect and handle arbitrary uris :]
05:25 PM Smuxi Feature #922: use background color for marking messages with highlight words
I would like to have highlighted the background of the higlighted line with an userchoosable color instead of my nick. It would be easier for users to find the highlighted lines. As default i would appreciate a light color like a bright yellow.

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