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10:50 AM Smuxi Bug #926: Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object


12:21 AM Smuxi Feature #887: NOTIFY aka friends list
Alright, I've found some new information. It appears that the NOTIFY command is actually a client command that some clients like mIRC and Xchat use as a wrapper around the WATCH command, which is a server command and seems to be working with Smuxi...


11:05 PM Smuxi Feature #887: NOTIFY aka friends list
I only hang out on 2 small IRC networks. But I'll make an effort to come up with the information you're requesting, might take me some time though.
04:09 PM Smuxi Feature #887: NOTIFY aka friends list
I've recently started using Smuxi and even though I like it so far, I've noticed that it doesn't implement the irc NOTIFY command, which allows you to monitor if certain people are online on the server you're connected to. I was hoping this featur...

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