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09:24 PM Smuxi Support #862: Problem with Bouncer
Hi, im using since today the znc bouncer to connect to IRC, but with Smuxi it doesn't works. If i connect to localhost, znc says "You need to send your password. Try /quote PASS <username>:<password>" But if i type "/quote PASS myusername:mypas...
09:15 PM Smuxi Bug #861: No Special Characters -german
Mirco Bauer wrote: > Yes, 0.8.12 (0.9) will automatically convert non-UTF-8 characters to UTF-8 for you. What is your operating systen? For Debian, Ubuntu, Mac OS X and Windows we have daily builds that contain already that feature, you can obtai...
05:18 PM Smuxi Bug #861: No Special Characters -german
Mirco Bauer wrote: > Is the encoding set to UTF8? Looks like simple encoding mismatch to me. The sender seems to be sending ISO8859-15 though. Smuxi 0.8.12 will automatically recode legacy encodings to UTF8. Yes, encoding is set to UTF8, if so...


10:53 PM Smuxi Bug #861: No Special Characters -german
Smuxi can't display German Special Characters like ü,ä,ö and ß!

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