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11:14 AM Smuxi Bug #527: Set process name
I think there are no guidelines for this, but it makes the user happier. With this feature you will identify smuxi processes in htop or gnome-system-monitor better. Also a do "killall smuxi-whatever" is possible. In my opinion mono should handle t...
10:23 AM Smuxi Bug #830: Crashes on opensuse 12.3
-<startup> <supportedRuntime version="v4.0.30319" /> </startup>- Please use <startup> <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" /> </startup> regards Kai
10:20 AM Smuxi Bug #830: Crashes on opensuse 12.3
This is because mono not using the correct runtime. You can fix this to add the following lines into the <configuration> Section in the files /usr/lib/smuxi/smuxi-server.exe.config /usr/lib/smuxi/smuxi-frontend-gnome.exe.config <startup> ...
09:37 AM Smuxi Bug #826: Smuxi shows Gtk-CRITICAL message in terminal
Should be fixed with https://github.com/meebey/smuxi/pull/46

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