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08:32 PM Smuxi Bug #824: Japanese ISO-2022-JP encoding, IME
Re. IME: It turns out there is a way to enable IME for generic text fields in WinXP, eg. http://www.japanese-irc.net/index.php/Channel:Encoding http://www.japanese-irc.net/index.php/Channel:Encoding#Set_Windows_IME_as_default_input Of course it...
07:12 PM Smuxi Bug #824: Japanese ISO-2022-JP encoding, IME
Would be nice to have ISO-2022-JP encoding support added. Also, in WinXP, while it is possible to send Japanese IME output to servers (via UTF-8 currently), when typing in Japanese an an external IME input box is opened in the top-left corner o...
06:55 PM Smuxi Feature #823: Change interface colors (marker line, urls)
It would be nice to have some access to configure other miscellaneous interface colors (eg. red marker line), as well as other font colors (urls, server messages). Being able to change the default tab font color would also be nice.

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